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Waste haulers stage another tipping fee protest

Lisa King

Waste haulers stage another tipping fee protest

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FOR THE SECOND time in as many weeks, waste haulers and movers have staged protest action over the implementation of the tipping fee for garbage disposal at Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre (SBRC).

This morning representatives of about a dozen companies gathered at Warrens, St Michael, just west of Simpson Motors, stating they could not pay the fee and would not be buying the books which cost more than $290. The books contain ten tickets which are valid for the disposal of ten tonnes of waste.

Some of the haulers said they were already out of pocket by thousands of dollars and unsure if they could continue their businesses. They said the money is being paid upfront and they then have to recoup it from customers.

Those who have contracts with companies told NATION NEWS the tipping fee was not factored into their contracts and it was causing conflicts.

Several trucks, skips, containers and water waste vehicles were parked at the open lot and representatives from the Private Waste Haulers Association said they would meet after the protest to determine their next step.

Some of the businessmen want the tax removed completely while some truckers believe the tax should be charged per truck load rather than per tonne. (LK)