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DEAR CHRISTINE: Afraid to tell him how I feel


DEAR CHRISTINE: Afraid to tell him how I feel

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Dear Christine,

I AM HAVING a hard time trying to cope with a situation I am facing. You see, I am in love with a man who has no idea how much I love and care for him.

We are not strangers at all. We call each other on the telephone but do not really see each other.

I have tried everything not to ruin our friendship but even when we talk about matters relating to sex, for some reason we do not follow through.

This man is single and has three children.

I am so afraid of being rebuffed if I were to tell him I care deeply for him and that I am in love with him. I do basically nothing when it comes to speaking about matters of the heart.

Whenever we chat, I get butterflies in my heart but yet I am so scared that he will find out what I feel for him and stop talking to me altogether. How can I get over this?

– B.H.

Dear B.H.,

You seem to be in some kind of predicament, but I would advise you not to throw yourself at this man. If he cares for you the same way as you do for him, in due season he will make his feelings known.

It may be that he is also shy about disclosing his feelings and could be waiting and hoping that you’ll make the first move.

The right time will present itself. From what you have written, there seems to be a bond but both of you appear to be holding back.

Let time have its way. I am convinced that in due season you’ll both be able to express your feelings one for the other. In the meantime, just wait it out.