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DEAR CHRISTINE: Sister’s boyfriend making passes at me


DEAR CHRISTINE: Sister’s boyfriend making passes at me

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Dear Christine,

GREETINGS to you and the staff at THE NATION.

Let me wish you all the best for the New Year.

I read your column on a regular basis and I am always pleased at the advice you give. Like many who have written to you before, I never thought I would one day be doing the same, but I know I have good reason to do so, since I believe you’ll give me some sound advice.

My sister is five years older than I am and I am still a teenager at school. We have had a relatively good relationship. Yes, we’ve had our differences and sibling rivalry but I’ve never held anything against her.

She started seeing a guy about a year ago. He would visit her at our family home and, of course, they would see each other away from the family home. One day when I went to run an errand, I met her boyfriend and he made a pass at me.

I was shocked because this is a man whom my sister really loves and trusts. Since that day things have been awkward when he visits. Although he comes to see her, he constantly watches me.

One day we caught the same minibus together and I was very uncomfortable when he sat next to me and told me how he felt about me. Of course, I put him in his place.

My heart is telling me that I should tell my sister what he has been up to, but I do not want to bring about any bad feelings between us or be the reason for their break-up.

I cannot share this information with any other member of the family because they also like this guy and his parents and mine are friends. What can I do about this situation?

– CP

Dear CP,

I agree that telling your sister may not be the best thing at this point, but you should warn this man that if he continues to express any more feelings towards you, or make any moves, you will tell your sister.

If after you’ve told him this he continues to harass you, I believe you should speak to your parents.

Don’t continueto protect this two-faced man.