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DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband taking up with young girls


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband taking up with young girls

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Dear Christine,

MY HUSBAND is in his mid-50s and until now, I have never had cause to feel any concern about him and other women. Early last year, I went through a rough time, as he started getting interested in some young girls.

He said their mother was an old friend of his family and he was helping them to get through some papers because one of the girls had to go overseas.

Maybe that’s how it all started, but the next thing I knew, there was something going on between him and the youngest one.

Recently, he has started spending a lot of time at a social club of the employees of the company he works with, and I have heard from reliable sources that he’s quite a life of the party with the young girls.

I am wondering whether I should refuse to go out with him or ignore it all together. Maybe I could make fun of it. What do you think?

– J


Dear J,

Making fun is not likely to help and it would be wrong to decide not to accompany your husband to social or other events. In fact, I think you should make a little more fuss over him, as he may be craving for attention and perhaps needs more self-confidence.

If you believe that you should talk to your husband, do not hesitate to do so, but make sure you do with the right attitude and in the right spirit. Let him know your concerns without appearing to be a nagging wife.

Also, take good care of your mind and body. Hearsay is not always accurate and you could ruin a good thing if you allow your mind to be cluttered with too much negativity and matters which cause you to worry.