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Dr Lowe, please ask minister to drop new tax

Arrindel Evelyn

Dr Lowe, please ask minister to drop new tax

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Dear Dr Denis Lowe,

I am one of your constituents.

    As a matter of fact I voted for you in the last two general elections. During your tenure as a minister I never asked  you any personal favours but now I am disposed  to do so.

I did a semester in politics and philosophy at the Barbados Community College. In that course we were taught that in the Westminster form of government our elected official speaks on our behalf in the House of parliament.

So here is my problem, Dr Lowe.

I have a small business employing 21 workers. I file my taxes, pay my Vat and my NIS contributions to the Barbados Revenue Authority.

But the recent measures imposed by the Minister of the Environment concerning the tipping fee for garden waste is going to diminish my profits or make it impossible for me to make a profit in the first place, since I am locked into a contract.

Dr Lowe, this is the small favour I am asking from you.

It should not cost you anything financially – I hope not – to see that this fee is abolished.

The next time you see the Minister of the Environment in parliament, at your home or wherever, please ask him to remove this tax. I know that $12 000 per year or per day may not affect you financially.

But to a small business person like me it may be equal to my total annual profit and may determine whether I stay in business or not.

Dr Lowe, please talk to the Minister of the Environment for me.

–      Arrindel Evelyn, Horticultural Management Services