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Feeling heat

Roy Morris

Feeling heat

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THE RECENT SERVING of a Town and Country Development Planning Office enforcement notice on one waste hauler and notice of a Barbados Revenue Authority audit on another has raised concerns among protesting truckers that Government is unfairly using its might against them.

In fact, chief executive officer of Jose´ y Jose´ Liquid and Solid Waste Management, Anderson Cherry, told the WEEKEND NATION: “Right now I feel like they are choking me. I can’t breathe and I am taking what the Minister [of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe] has said to mean that he intends to put me out of business.

“You can say that they have already put some of us out of business because we can’t afford to pick up refuse. I don’t have the money to post a bond, I don’t operate with an overdraft and I just simply can’t afford to pay the tipping fee, so you can say he has already put me out of business.”

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.