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Well done, Sir Hilary


Well done,  Sir Hilary

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Once in a lifetime, people get to witness a rare and exceptional talent walking among them. Sir Hilary is that rare and exceptional talent.

How is he such:

•His demonstrated leadership, management and seminal contribution to the work of the University of the West Indies.

•His achievement in transforming the Cave Hill Campus into a world-class institution and one that is comparable to the finest universities, anywhere.

•His work to ensure that the private sector remains accountable to the people who underpin their existence.

•His success in building relationships with the titans of industry, by appealing to their “better angels”, thereby, encouraging them to assist the University to achieve its mission, its strategic goals and its objectives.

•His steadfastness in proudly upholding and celebrating the black experience and in fighting its cause.

•His enterprise in helping to fulfill the mandate of the regional and international organisations on which he serves.

  That Sir Hilary is a rare and exceptional leader, organiser and administrator and one who is in possession of an enormous intellect, is without doubt.

When one compares the university of “yesteryear” to the one of today, it is clear to see, that a tremendous transformation has been brought about and all under the stewardship of Sir Hilary. It is gratifying to know that the impact he has had, has been recognised, and that he has been rewarded for it.

Congratulations to Sir Hilary on his appointment to the post of vice chancellor of University of the West Indies. He is most deserving. When the final history of the university is written, Sir Hilary will writ large.

His tremendous contribution will outlive him.

To Sir Hilary, then, I say, well done, well done.