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PUDDING & SOUSE: Power gone to her wigs


PUDDING & SOUSE: Power gone to her wigs

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SHE IS JOSTLING for a bigger pick, and she is determined to show she can do the job, given all that is being said about her.

But Miss Most Wigs has to be careful that in her effort to show she is on top of things that she does not run every single  independent-minded person from around her.

People are complaining non-stop about her very abrasive manner. She has been shouting at people, giving orders the wrong way. A few junior people had to tell her recently that they will not tolerate that kind of behaviour. Indeed, some of them are planning to write her boss, who is also her personal long-time friend, to let him know that he must show her the right way to interact with people.

Some of the underlings have also indicated that they will recommend Miss Most Wigs be sent to do a Dale Carnegie course. She needs to recognise that she is not sitting across the table trying to frighten an opposing side into accepting her position. They say it seems as if the water in the Constitution River has left her giddy and light-headed and warn that the big stick behaviour is unacceptable.

The feeling is that Miss Most Wigs needs to learn from the Parkinson Old Scholar she is peeping over her shoulder to see if he’s coming down to take up a position down by the riverside. He’s smooth when dealing with people, always calm and polite.

The untouchables

When the House of Assembly met last Tuesday there was a very visible police presence around the Parliament Building. Apparently, the police were well prepared in case the truckers, in a convoy or two by two, passed by Parliament and created any disturbance. That did not materialise.

People on High Street were talking about how good the police have been working to solve crime and bring those charged to justice. Suddenly, a loud-mouthed woman shouted out that she did not agree with any such views, since she realised some offspring of the very rich appear to be untouchable.

She said the police should say what has happened not only to the cold cases involving murder but those concerning importation of illegal drugs whether in boxes, barrels, or containers.

She did say that she was mindful of a huge backlog of cases, so some people may have to wait many years before their case is called. And based on what she has been reading, she hopes the files do not go missing since things are not computerised.

Four times a sociopath

Not once, not twice but at least four times a security guard has tried to ravish female colleagues working with him.

The unfortunate thing about this situation is that every time a complaint is made against him, he is simply transferred and the complainants usually end up being fired.

Two weeks ago this guard, who is a law unto himself, tried to force himself on a female guard while at work. It did not go down well with the woman who called the boss to complain. She was told not to worry, that it would be dealt with immediately.

In less than half an hour the boss man was on the scene, looking for the guard. He called out his name and said, “Let’s go.” He did not ask the female security guard about her worries, her trauma, absolutely nothing. He was on a mission to get the troublesome man away from the scene.

But alas, the woman had called the police and they were already there. The hide and ignore ploy of the bossman had come to an end.

The question is whether the boss man will lose the contract, given his  contribution to the wickedness.