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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Scholar out in the cold


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Scholar out in the cold

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THERE IS A MAN who considers himself one of the brightest in the land. He often boasts of his connection to a legendary political kingmaker and that he had ambitions of contesting a seat – a Christ Church constituency was his preference.

But it all came to nothing. He has spent many years as a wordsmith and thinks of himself as the best. So off he went to a foreign land to learn how to give counsel to those who seek high office.

But, alas, not in St Kitts/Nevis, nor in Guyana, unlikely in Trinidad and Tobago, unlikely in St Vincent, with only a look in perhaps, in Castries.

Yet, the lad from a country school  who has not been certified, not even to push the cart at Carlton, has been getting the work in Dominica and  Antigua, in St Kitts and certainly in St Lucia and St Vincent.

It is true he could not meddle in Georgetown and most likely will have to stay away from Diego Martin, but then again, he can’t get all the rewards. 

Unfortunately, not even the crumbs are coming the way of the scholar who spends his time attacking the silent one who does not even read his long tirade every week.

No chosen one yet

A tender was made for all those with the skills and knowledge to show their interest. If you can write and communicate well, then apply. Days, weeks and months have gone by and not a word on who has been shown to be statistically the best for the job.

So many applied to offer their services but up to now things are still looking brown for those who hold on to hope.

The man who leads the organisation is well respected but it is those who lead the selection process whose qualities are unknown. So, for the people sitting around the baobab tree, you have had a long break time and should now decide who you want to be at the table the next time you sit down for therapy.

Light Fingers in charge

It is being talked about in certain  circles and some people are calling it the bungle of the decade. Others have said it highlights the weakness of the recruitment of people selected to serve.

The story making all the rounds is about a woman, popularly referred to as Miss Light Fingers, who, to the surprise of many, was given a big-up job which was not based on any publicly identified criteria. She had become known for all the wrong reasons wherever she went, from not accounting for all the funds to living big off of credit cards which did not belong to her and which left a number of elderly people very annoyed.

To everyone’s surprise, she was given a cushiony job and the hope was that she would not number two  in the job as has been her track record.

So, lo and behold, it was a kind of surprise during one of her speeches to hear her indicate that it was a total fabrication that two people had been recipients of her kindness.

She made it clear that neither of the two J’s had been given any of her home-made syrup.

To date, she has settled in the job and found favour especially with the elderly. After all, it’s the retirees she seems to connect with very well.

The only thing required is for a priest to say a special prayer for her.