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PUDDING & SOUSE: Big-up wolf exposed


PUDDING & SOUSE: Big-up wolf exposed

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A SOUTH COAST hospitality big-up is in deep trouble for soliciting a young hotel guest.

This manager loves the young slim and restless types, but found himself in some hot water when a young girl’s mother complained about his approaches.

It has gone viral and everyone on staff knows it is true since this man with a sweet mouth is nothing more  than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The guests to whom he has made his unwanted approaches have complained that they will not be staying again at that particular hotel that shines like a diamond, and deemed his actions as  despicable and gross misconduct.

Unfortunately, he isn’t the only staff member getting fresh with himself, as at least other three males have been dismissed for being too friendly and suggestive with guests. But this man, who has taken advantage of a number of female staff, has been lucky not to be given the boot.

All is not what it appears to be at this hotel and staff is waiting to see if this sneaky boss who adores the limelight will be in their face and use the opportunity to brief staff about the facts of the matter.

Word has gotten out of the hotel and wifey has since placed him in the dog house because it’s not the first time he has embarrassed her.

Bewitched by GT gal

Advice to a young Delilah originally from Georgetown and now living in St James to be careful whom she calls a friend and with whom she shares her secrets, since, despite

all the boasting and bragging about “wukking obey” the reality is that it cannot beat true love. This woman has been trying to get a Bajan man at any cost since she is anxious to walk down the aisle.

This GT gal has had her eye on a certain cricketer for years and also a man who lives on the border of St Joseph and St John.

Recently, she was able to get the cricketer to leave his home for hers. Now residents are saying that this woman should stop going to church every Sunday if she is so determined to worship the devil.

The scorned woman, the one who is forever taking back the cricketer after his many flings, is being described by her neighbours as either blinded by love or totally stupid, given all that she goes through ever so often.

In the meantime, the fellow from the other side of the island is being warned to stop lusting after sex, falling for sweet words and a few gifts, and  acting as if pepperpot is the only food in the world.

Only this week his friends were suggesting to him to “clean your entire bedroom for you do not know what has been placed in there”.

Lonesome lover

Some men are so influenced by the movies that they harbour thoughts of acting out some of the scenes they are seeing in these shows.

One such man in a rural district is regretting his decision to pursue an extraordinary experience in bed. 

He wanted more than the main squeeze so now he is licking his wounds.

The man, who unlike many Barbadians did not think that three is company, was bold enough to introduce his former sweetheart to the new love of his life.

Now he has learnt his lesson.

He had the experience he longed for but now he is a loser after several enjoyable sessions in bed.

It seems the ex and the “new love” discovered a real connection during those sessions. Now they are enjoying their newfound relationship while this man has been shut out.