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Island needs a voice for justice


Island needs a voice for justice

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THE BREAKING NEWS came on CNN on May 1 at  11 a.m. from the newly elected Baltimore state attorney and prosecutor Marilyn Mosby. Six police officers were charged, one for the homicide of 25-year-old Freddie Gay who allegedly was injured while in  police custody and subsequently died.

Her quick and decisive action almost brought tears to my eyes for two reasons:

• She monitored the events from day one, coupled with a private investigation, so that on the findings of the medical report, she was able to charge the six officers fearlessly.

• She saw the loss of a human being’s life and played no politics whatsoever, stating that no one is above the law. May God bless her.

Politically, we Barbadians are in dire need of an urgent voice and action in order to save us from dying in the political vehicle or in political custody, otherwise homicide is inevitable.

The question is, who will come forward to be that urgent voice?

Financially we cannot breathe. I have seen and read in the media, mothers in grief and pain not knowing who or where to turn to.

I see exploitation in multiple walks of Barbadian life, even where it is least expected from various professionals – private enterprises and otherwise.

I see the plague of taxation and other forces leaving us with almost no disposable income, while a few operatives are shifting away the attention from vital issues in the form of arrogance and laughter as if to say, “If you don’t like it . . . lump it”.

Our beloved Barbados has gone into the mode of helpless quietness, as we are in “political custody.”

We need a voice; who will be that honest voice of action?

In Baltimore, there is a voice for justice.

In Barbados, there is no voice or action for our people.

Unless God intervenes, we will die in political custody. Let it not be too late.