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LOOKA LEW: Who gine wash it?

Eric Lewis, [email protected]

LOOKA LEW: Who gine wash it?

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“NOT ME, he would have to wash it himself.” That is what a lot of women answered and said when I asked this question on the radio the other day.

I asked, suppose a man and woman living in a house together, she ain’t working, he paying all the bills, and every morning he does got to get up early to go half way ’cross the country to stir concrete in the hot sun, he comes home late in the evening after a hard day’s work, eats his food and puts the plate in the sink, tell me who supposed to wash the plate?

Boy you should hear the women. One woman say she ain’t no maid, she ain’t care how hard he does work, it does only take two minutes to wash a plate.

Another say she ain’t encouraging no man in foolishness, she ain’t care how much bills he paying, leaving a dirty plate for her to wash is a sign of disrespect.

I got one lady who said, she ain’t see nothing wrong with washing the plate, and furthermore when he comes home she would take out his food for him, and when he is finished she would take the plate from him, he wouldn’t even have to leave the table.

And while these women were giving all the reasons why they would not be washing the plate, a man message me and say, “and that is why women does come from all over the Caribbean and horn Bajan women, cause them don’t know how to treat a man”.

Well, even though I does hear Bajan men who got CARICOM women saying the same thing, I ain’t getting in that talk.

Anyhow, I was talking to a man the other day who was listening to the programme and heard the comments from the ladies, and that man was blue vex.

His argument was that modern day Bajan men by “helping out”, spoil the women, cause in his day and a man living with a woman who working or not, it was the woman’s job to serve him.

She would take out his food first, put it in a bowl and cover it down, and when he comes home it would be there on the table waiting, and don’t care what time he got home she would get up and warm up his food for him. And when he was finished eating she would clear the table, he didn’t have to pick up the plate and walk to the sink.

He say, “Lew, you could imagine that nowadays lil children gine in the pot, and taking out food and eating before the man who working and buying it get his?”

So I asked him, if all two people in the house working what gine happen. His argument then was that the woman should get up early and cook, so the man would have hot food to take work. He reiterated, it was the woman’s job to look after the house, which meant washing, cooking, ironing and cleaning.

So I asked him, “you ain’t got no woman right?”

He say he ain’t got none and he ain’t want none, cause if he got to work and bring in money, then wash, cook, and iron, he might as well live by himself.

Then he added, “Lew imagine, that we got men ’bout here washing panties and brassieres now, you feel in my day, my mother could ask my father ’bout washing panties, he would call the mental van for her.”

And all I could do was laugh. See ya.

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