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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Late spring in his step


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Late spring in his step

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A MAN WELL KNOWN for his spur-of-the-moment remarks is making eyes roll and heads turn once again by his action.

He’s showing that just like Abraham did in his old age, so too can he do in his senior years.

He wants to ensure that people in Wotton, Kingsland and Charnocks, among the many places this fellow likes to exercise, stop dropping remarks and trying to guess what they don’t know.

If it is true the educator cum unionist cum sports administrator cum former number two who was quietly pushed aside by the silent one, will be a daddy once more, this football fan has publicly acknowledged, “Oh yes, I’ll be.”

He’s looking forward to this love child coming out of the relationship with the lady with that eye-catching bumper.

If it’s God’s will, daddy-to-be will be past his three score and ten by the time the little one is ready for the Common Entrance.

As experienced and knowledgeable as the daddy is, the big question being asked by many where he goes exercising have been is if there is a change of fortune two and a half years from now, whether he would homeschool the little one.

Some are also asking if there would be a strict no flogging policy with this little one, boy or girl.

So the people in Christ Church where this fellow spends much of his down time are waiting to see if there will be a wedding after the baby is born and to see who will get invited.

Flavour of the month

Mango season is here and there is nothing like a sweet Julie.

It seems as if a fellow from St Philip can’t get enough of this variety of mango, as he was telling some friends in Ruby recently.

The strange thing is that the variety of Julie mango he’s been getting comes from England. The suggestion is that he gets someone to show him a plot of land where he can plant many of the seeds. This fellow, who is a real regular with the other guys, is always picking a lime and listening to music. In fact, one of the strange things recently is that he hasn’t been listening to his favourite song Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

The fellas on the block in Ruby say they believe his head “turn”.

Well, as a man who likes music and enjoys Crop Over we shall see what happens, especially at the big events, which he does not miss even though all along he stays plugged into that Neil Diamond hit song.

Close call for Houdini

People in Bush Hall and Bank Hall have given the name Houdini to a fellow who frequents their area.

They can’t understand how he could have escaped the clutches of Miss Thicky. She has developed a reputation for always being beside or two steps behind this dapper former playboy entertainment promoter and small screen star boy.

As someone who likes to keep his feet on the ground and be amongst the people, he was recently seen in New Orleans listening to a girl sing Carlene Davis’ hit song Stealing Love On The Side. Apparently his presence caused a little stir, given the big-able motor car he drives like if it came from somewhere in Bavaria or one of those far off and exotic sounding places.

But it appears that this smooth-talking, sweet-smiling fellow was not just listening to the girl belting out the song but was on a mission. Well, things did not go exactly as planned and he had to beat a hasty retreat as one fellow down there tried to rough him up, saying that after all these years he should stop playing aloud that CD by Mighty Shadow, Horner Man Crying.

Fortunately, wifey was able to use her long-gained nursing skills to put him at ease. Curious as she was about what caused the minor bruises, don’t be surprised if you see her at every cockfight the husband goes to.