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ALTAR CALL: Health a major part of Jesus’ ministry

Cheryl Harewood

ALTAR CALL: Health a major part of Jesus’ ministry

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JESUS’ preoccupation during His earthly ministry reflected the importance of health. His message was also one of glory and victory.

While delivering the sermon during the 40th anniversary church service of the Barbados Diabetes Association (DAB) at Berean Bible Church, Passage Road, St Michael, recently, presenter Tyrone Lowe said that while all people would be not healed in the same way and while not all would be completely free of pain, “we are all assured that we are God’s pride and joy and that He provides strength and comfort in our times of sorrow and challenges”.

Lowe, who is chairperson of the DAB’s 40th anniversary publicity committee and a member of the Berean Church, urged the congregation to “see all persons, no matter their health impediment, as worthy of God’s glory”.

He stressed that although the message of the DAB was one of healing, relief of human suffering, ensuring human fulfilment and promoting God’s glory, some might still see their mission as “a waste of time”.

He said: “Some will hear and refuse the advice; some forces, both internal and external, will openly oppose the mission and try to limit its effectiveness. The same attitudes were present when Jesus gave sight to our man of the moment,” Lowe said in reference to John 9:24-34, where Jesus healed a blind man.

“The healing of the blind man should [have been] an opportunity to celebrate and share in his happiness. For some, however, it was a time to resort to scepticism and disbelief.”

He said that just as Jesus was condemned and mocked for doing good, members and volunteers of the DAB would be mocked and reviled for their work in the community.

“It is the nature of the business. Sometimes the people you think better of, or who clearly need your help, are the most sceptical, critical or cynical, but we can’t give up. Instead, let’s prepare for the reward ceremony. God will reward those who help Him with His plans on earth.”

Lowe said there was still a lot of work left to be done.

“Sometimes we forget that God’s original plan for his prized human creation was for them to have fellowship with Him and be in charge of the Earth. All of this changed when Lucifer deceptively orchestrated Adam’s fall and proceeded to assert himself over the world. The wicked one established systems in commerce, entertainment, science, academics, the spiritual, the mystical and more, and today has the world trapped in his empire of evil.

“He has the world deep in illegal drug activities with the notion that you become a being with superior intellect and great health when you take them. Addiction to anything is dangerous and to drugs, is fatal.

“Satan has made us think that we can live as we like and there will be no negative health consequences; that we can work long hours every day and the boss will be pleased; that we can sleep little and be a success; eat, drink and be merry and have a great time.”

He stressed: “The devil remains defiant to God Almighty and pursues an arrogant agenda of deception in the hope of destroying God’s Kingdom, but God intends to reclaim it and has enlisted the involvement of us, His human subjects.”

Lowe said one must see the work and programmes of the DAB as part of God’s reclamation efforts for Barbados, as he reminded those who assisted the association that an inheritance beckoned.

“A great reward in Heaven awaits us for the insults and hardship suffered at His expense. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad because great is your reward in Heaven.

“Relief is on its way. An inheritance awaits you for everyday acts of mercy shown to God’s people.”

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