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DEAR CHRISTINE: Seeking help with my studies abroad

Dear Christine

DEAR CHRISTINE: Seeking help with  my studies abroad

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Dear Christine:

Help me please! I am 18 years old and right now I am confused, frustrated and at my wits’ end. I am at a loss and don’t know what else to do at this point.

I want to pursue my studies abroad in culinary arts. I have already been accepted to a college and I am to start school in the next semester.

I’m also in the process of taking the necessary steps to get to the college but I’m encountering some obstacles. My mum is helping as much as she can and is always there for me. She never leaves me out and is my hero.

On the other hand, my father has never been there for me to help me with anything. From pre-school to the day I graduated from secondary school, it has been my mum.

My father comes around like an eclipse of the moon so you would know that’s not too regular. When he does, I show no resentment. He is always saying he wants to build a relationship but it never comes to light. He just disappears for months or three years or so and then resurfaces.

When I got accepted to the college I told him about it. I thought he would be proud of me and would help me, since I need help now more than ever.

 Christine, to this day, he has not called me back. I tried to contact him but my efforts were futile so at this point, as much as it hurts, I have accepted that he clearly does not want me. However, I will not let this hold me back from pursuing what I want in life.

People ask me why I want to study abroad when we have a hospitality institute here, but the level of training I want to achieve is not offered here.

I’ll have to go where it is offered. I don’t see it as just me benefiting from the overseas training. I will be returning to work to serve my country in the hospitality industry.

Christine, I would appreciate if you can help me with my plea. This is something I am focused on doing. This is the career I want to achieve. I would like some sponsorship in some form. I do hope you can assist me.

I have enclosed some photos of my work so you can see what I can do.

– D.W.

Dear D.W.,

I have seen the photographs of your work and I commend you. It is always a breath of fresh air to hear and see young people like you so focused on achieving career goals and know exactly what you want to get out of life.

While I am not a position to assist you financially with your dream of becoming a qualified chef (judging from your photographs, I take it you want to be a pastry chef), I will print your letter with the hope that someone, or even some company, may be willing to provide sponsorship in some form.

I believe you should also call the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association for information about the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association Education Foundation (CHTAEF), which was established in 1987 as an independent, non-profit organisation offering tax-exempt status for donations. The charity offers scholarships and special assistance for the education of Caribbean tourism industry personnel and students pursuing tourism and hospitality careers.

As part of its mission, the foundation provides people throughout the Caribbean region with an awareness of the varied career opportunities in the industry, as well as technical and professional development. 

You can also feel free to visit the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s website for more information on the foundation.

I wish you success as you pursue your goal.