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Find new approaches, urges Sinckler


Find new approaches, urges Sinckler

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IT IS TIME for Barbados and its neighbours to consider a new way of doing business.

Saying that the Caribbean’s economic future depended on finding this new approach in the face of a challenging “environmental space”, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Chris Sinckler believes that the region “can no longer continue to have the luxury of applying the same approaches, old approaches, even though successful in some respects, to the new environment within which we operate. We have to build new platforms to advance our status”.

“Ours is a task that requires a refashioning and a re-strengthening of our human and institutional capacities to better understand the problems and to craft solutions to achieve higher levels of efficiency, proficiency, productivity, while all the while being sensitive as we grow our economies and advance our societies,” he said.

Sinckler was speaking this morning during the opening of a Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre’s (CARTAC) steering committee meeting at the Grande Salle, Tom Adams Financial Centre, where he also signed a memorandum of understanding, on Government’s behalf with the International Monetary Fund entity.

The minister said since being headquartered in Barbados 14 years ago, CARTAC had helped Barbados significantly, pointing to its assistance in establishing the Barbados Revenue Authority. (SC)