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First tranche of savings bonds sold out


First tranche of savings bonds sold out

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JUST THREE DAYS after the Central Bank of Barbados re-launched its savings bonds programme with an issue worth $10 million, the series has sold out.

“The response from the public has been overwhelming. Three days after the new series went on the market we were getting calls from different banks requesting additional allotments,” revealed governor Dr  DeLisle Worrell.

The Central Bank head reassured Barbadians who have not yet been able to buy savings bonds that there will not have to wait long for more to become available.

“As we promised at the launch last week, we are moving to ensure that savings bonds are always available to the public. We will be opening another series of $10 million on Monday, June 8.”

The governor confirmed that the next series, GBSB 76 would have the same price $76.24 per $100 and the same 5.5 per cent yield as the previous one.

 “All Barbadians should have the opportunity to take advantage of these safe, lucrative investments. We’re ecstatic that savings bonds are a secret no more.”

The Central Bank of Barbados has been issuing savings bonds for 35 years. They are available for purchase by all Barbadian citizens and permanent residents as well as credit unions, registered charities and other benevolent associations. (PR)