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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Undone by bragging


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Undone by bragging

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A WOMAN working near the YMCA is being described as suffering from a “running mouth” which may have cost her dearly in her quest to be  partially legal.

This light-skinned woman had applied for a certain job. She, along with a number of others, was interviewed and, as things turned out, she was approved for a certain job along with two others. Apparently, along the way she got some godfatherly help from her uncle, a well known man in this country.

Rather than keep her running mouth closed, she started bragging to her colleagues that she had gotten the pick and she then went on to indicate who were the two others who would be sitting pretty and feeling smart.

This woman, who is no favourite in the colosseum because of her brash behaviour, only created more enemies and an uproar with her bragging.

So, many a woman rushed off to Dalkeith to indicate their displeasure with both the process and the outcome. 

The case, as presented to those in Horatio’s room, was airtight so the process must now be redone.

The fallout has caused at least one casualty. This well known uncle of the light-skinned gal may have to get far beyond the horizon since his role in the confusion has been made public.

But, alas, that is not the only issue. The fireworks are heating up the colosseum as the ancient role of the pretty face scribe has also caused a stir with many. So those who seek to be candidates will have to be vetted, one by one.

This, too, has also left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, so bitter that the words which come out would make fishers of men seem like Sunday school teachers.

And just imagine this colourful vocabulary is being displayed in the colosseum for many to hear.

Smear on Hero’s name

Is it true? Can it be really true? Or is it just a stupid rumour.

People have been talking recently about an incident, said to have happened many years ago and are hoping that those who are chroniclers of yesteryear’s events can shed some light on a story making the rounds.

It is whether there is any truth that the diplomatic passport of a now deceased National Hero was withdrawn at one point when he served as an opponent to those who held sway opposite an esplanade.

Somebody should be able to answer and say why did it happen if it really happened. It should not be an anecdotal remark.