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PUDDING & SOUSE: All eyes on Loretta


PUDDING & SOUSE: All eyes on Loretta

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TTHE TALK around Barbados this past week was about that woman Loretta who is creating a stir all over the world. She has exposed Jack Be Nimble and has shown that Jack ain’t quick enough to escape from her. She has caused Jack, not the one Gabby sang about, to take off his gloves.

Some people say it even seems as if he has no belt and his pants has dropped down. They are wondering what he will expose.

This man, who frequents Belmont and goes down by the Careenage, has friends in Bimshire who people feel got some of his buljol and doubles which he took with him on visits to exotic places such as Morocco.

The big question is what he gave to whom and when and for what and where.

Suppose that Lynch woman in DC decides to poke and probe further and wider, what will happen? That is the question many are uncomfortable with today?

Old guard holding on

June was to be a big moment for many people near St Michael’s Cathedral. But rather than people leaving their lofty lookouts, it seems as if extension, delays and other interventions are the order of the day.

Some people, known to be tired and burnt out, are asking if they can continue to warm their seats for six or seven years; at least one man wants to stay only two more.

Hungry they can’t be, paupers no way, hard and diligent workers, well, who knows. This coterie once saw themselves as the real star boys and star girls and the intellectual repository of this island, but many have long been exposed as nothing more than jokers.

Now tired and long past their best, they are determined to fight the short man and prove who’s really got the power. We shall soon hear if June was too soon. That is, provided the short man faces the nation.

Who’s the boss?

Who is in charge? What is his role? Why is he up front?

Should a headteacher retire and still have an office at the school where he last taught? Why doesn’t he take a long leave of absence and give the woman room? When he was in charge, wasn’t it he and only he? Why doesn’t he go to St Philip and teach?

And if he must be around, why doesn’t he do things behind the scenes?

People are asking these questions and more on behalf of the woman who looks like she is always pouting.