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Not all smooth going at Sandals auction


Not all smooth going at Sandals auction

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A MIX-UP IN the location and then a frustratingly long wait for entry conspired to turn back some people who attempted to take advantage of a furniture auction by Sandals Resort yesterday.

Those who remained, however, eventually came away with lounge chairs, bedside lamps and even garbage cans.

As the morning sun increased in intensity, umbrellas popped up as those outside the Wildey Industrial Estate entrance to the warehouse location were informed that security officials would be allowing only 50 people in at a time. Some of them had earlier journeyed to the old Banks Breweries Complex on Wildey Main Road in error.

One woman complained people had arrived as early as 8 a.m. but were refused entry. “This isn’t fair. They refused to let us in,” she said.

One man noted as he was preparing to leave: “I can’t line up like this to spend my money.”

However, one woman who had purchased a lamp, said there weren’t many items left, mainly beach chairs and bedroom sidepieces.

General manager of the all-inclusive hotel, Josef Zellner, who was not at the auction, said the hotel had closed for renovation, but management had retained limited furniture “just to make sure in case our furniture did not arrive in time, we still had some to open.” (HLE)