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‘Spotlight’ on Mikey


‘Spotlight’ on Mikey

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PARTY MONARCH, Sweet Soca and Pic-O-De-Crop artistes be warned, Michael Mikey Mercer is back with a vengeance.

You may have seen him late last year into this new year moving around with a cane, thinking that maybe things will be easier for you now, but think again. He has returned, has hit the gym, has new songs on steady rotation and he is in fine form to retain his crown as Party Monarch and hopefully add a number of other titles to his expansive collection.

“I don’t enter competition to lose but whatever happens, happens – a competition does not define my career. I will be pushing good music to the people locally, regionally and internationally, but where competition is concerned I will be giving my all,” he said while speaking to EASY magazine at the Mega Cavalcade recently.

The Hands On The Road singer, whose new song Freedom and accompanying music video is currently taking radio stations and social media by storm, said he was very optimistic about how the season was shaping up for his team.

In the interview, Mikey, whose real name is Michael Mercer, said that after his injury, he honestly did not believe he would be ready in time for the 2015 Crop Over season.

Immediately after Crop Over last year, Mikey travelled overseas to represent Barbados in a karate tournament. While there he tore a muscle which left him out of commission for about six months.

Giving all praises and thanks to God, he said it was because of Him the physiotherapy and everything worked.

“Now I am back and back with a vengeance,” he said.

“So it is going to be a good year. The whole team is excited, the songs are doing well and we are looking forward to seeing what will happen. Because of the injury I couldn’t do anything so I put on a bit of weight but it is coming off. Audrey licking it off at Little League gym. But I was always a big guy so I am accustomed to performing bigger than [my present size] so trust me when I tell you the energy is not going to be a problem. It is going to be there full throttle,” Mikey contended.

So far Mikey has released about four songs including Some Things Never Change and the brand new Spotlight, which was released on the Zulu tribe rhythm. He is also set to release a new social commentary called Fronts, which was penned by the lyrical master Stedson Red Plastic Bag Wiltshire. And for the second year he will be a member of the Big Show calypso tent.

While continuing to push his music, Mikey is still finding time for his charity work, about which he is very passionate. On this point, he acknowledged that times are extremely hard so it was for this reason he was doubling his efforts to ensure that the most vulnerable in society were not forgotten.

He said: “We are pushing a little harder with the donations. We ask that even if it is one tin of tuna, or a roll of toilet paper or something very simple, just give. It will help somebody who is less fortunate and at the same time you will feel good about it knowing that you have helped.” (SDB Media)