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TALK BACK: We must dispose of our garbage properly

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALK BACK: We must dispose of our garbage properly

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IT WAS RECENTLY REVEALED that Barbados has a rodent problem which is being magnified by a shortage of rat poison.

However, Barbadians should not be pointing fingers at the shortage when the blame lies squarely on their shoulders because of poor garbage disposal practices, say online readers.

Here are their views:

• Chris Kinkaid: The problem isn’t funding or rat bait. It’s that Bajans of all walks of life keep passing the buck and blaming everyone else rather than take personal responsibility. If people stopped littering and disposing of refuse inappropriately, we won’t be in this position. I’m also quite sure property owners can purchase bait from any hardware store rather than wait for Government.

• Deep A Byss: You have a rat problem because you don’t dispose of your garbage properly or pick it up on time. Start at the root of the problem and the rats will go away.

• Sandrene Maynard: I am not for or against. [It] is time we as Barbadians take responsibility for ourselves and stop depending on the Government. Clean your [surroundings] and the rats would not come.

• Wayne P. Hoyte: The ministry gives bait free, but the supermarkets and hardware stores sell it. GO BUY!

• Gavin Dawson: Wayne P. Hoyte, what buy, are you Bajan? Don’t buy when you can get it free from the Government. That is why we voted DLP, so we can get things free.

• Millicent Small: First and foremost, keeping surroundings clean is a no-no. Someone else has to do it for us; we litter left, right and centre. Dump anywhere, fast food containers with leftovers done eat, drop some place or throw over somebody fence and move on . . . .

Play my part, what is that? No one encouraged me to do that when I was growing up, I was allowed to have rights; you can’t mek me do nuffing. I will continue to throw things out the bus window, the car window and dump at my neighbour. Let the environmentalists talk and clean up after me.

• Tammy Akelia Taitt: Get some cats.

• Alex Jordan: Personal, community and national accountability needed! Recycle, compost, separate garbage so that it’s minimal. Ensure it is secured to be properly disposed of . . . then we’ll control the problem. Does it sum us up that we see the challenge as we need to buy more rat poison!??!

• Ritesh Narine: Well . . . Barbados really gone to the rats.

• Loraine Codrington: London has rats as big as cats now, because they got used to the rat poison so it doesn’t kill them anymore. Bajans better start disposing of their rubbish properly.

• Angela Thompson Branch: No containers, not even a can on the beach. Garbage from the beach and people still bringing theirs from home and leaving it there. An NCC truck and Bobcat coming every now and then. It is worse on bank holidays. Do not blame a lack of bait; let us blame ourselves instead.

Sherrylyn Toppin is The Nation’s Online Editor.