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DEAR CHRISTINE: Stop having affairs with married men

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Stop having affairs with married men

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THIS LETTER is for those women who are having affairs with men who are married and believe that these men will leave their wives and children to be with them.

In fact, even if they do, most of them return to their families. What is wrong with our women? Can’t they see that most of the time these men are just using them for sex or whatever it is the women are offering?

Many of these men claim that they and their wives are not in anything; that they do not sleep in the same bed, and that they do not take the wives anywhere. These are usually lies. When the men go home, it is “Honey, I am home.”

They sleep in the same bed with their wives, and the family has fun together. You won’t believe that they are the same men you meet when they are out. These men look after their homes and their wives.

They simply tell the (outside) women what they want to hear. I think that women who go out with married men or who want to leave their husbands for other men ought to know that these men will never really trust them.

They will always think that they (the women) will treat them the same way.

Come on, women. Stop letting the men walk all over you with their puppy love.


Dear M.L:

Your letter is certainly food for thought to women who are easily enticed through flattery or are being courted by men who are already married.

Let me state, however, that NOT ONLY married men cheat. Married women do so also, and in great numbers.

I would want to add that it should prick the conscience of men and women who are guilty of leading on “outside partners” when they know full well that their intentions are not honourable and can never truly be, unless they hurt the very ones they love.

If each man and woman would be faithful and committed to their own partners, we wouldn’t have many of the “relationship problems” which exist within marriages. But hey, we do not live in a perfect world.

Again, I hope that readers would garner something from what you’ve written.