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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Fundraiser in disguise


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Fundraiser in disguise

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SOME PEOPLE with an inside track say it is a slick way to raise funds for the big party scheduled in the next 30 months.

This weekend a fellow, who is also exercising in Silver Sands and Sayes Court and all through Chancery Lane, is holding a fete with some other friends. People say one of his friends is also interested in the party which is some months away.

So the question is whether this weekend’s event is one of many fundraisers planned since money seems to be tight in their own cabal.

The woman in white, who is their good friend, has already told them about the big bashment being planned two and a half years from now and the idea is to have lots of things for people who attend to enjoy.

So she was asking people to start making a little donation, but it is not too clear how that has been going. They have told real people that things real bad and to hide the money under the bed, so everybody is holding out their hand.

It is known that for the big bashment some people will get a ticket to the entire event, but not necessarily money to buy drinks and food or even to enter the dance area, so that is why there is speculation about these fellows organising this weekend’s fancy event.

The only thing is that a fellow who is in on this weekend action ain’t really interested in the party thing down the road, but is a man who likes to get victory right away.

Carlisle Bay lookouts

A TAXI DRIVER taking some cruise visitors on an island tour recently started by telling them about things in and around the Bridgetown Port. He told the visitors that he was taking them at a reduced rate since the economic situation in the island was tight and he could not guarantee a job every day. He needed this job.

As an industrious man, he started his guided tour just outside the Bridgetown Port’s main entrance gates. He liked being in that area since he had made good friends with a man who used to live in the capital of France and would often discuss Christian matters with him in that area.

The taxi driver told the visitors that Barbados was a very good place to live and work since the people were tolerant and were prepared to take a slap in the face and look the other way. He said his Christian friend was a good example of Barbadian humility since he was told to bar a number of people from enjoying the view and breeze from Carlisle Bay on a daily basis. Then before he could settle after ensuring they had all their tacklings outside, he was told that at his age, 60, he was old and should spend his time at church. 

At the same time, a man and a woman have been given big-paying jobs to sit and look out over Carlisle Bay.

The man is a cousin of a man who believes in silence and likes to spend a lot of time reading the dictionary to learn a lot of unusual words. The lady is described as someone with connections to the same silent man.

Even the visitors are wondering whether these two new gurus will be super industrious and what developments they will bring beyond watching the beauty of Carlisle Bay from their view.