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DEAR CHRISTINE: Boozy boyfriend has a short fuse


DEAR CHRISTINE: Boozy boyfriend has a short fuse

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Dear Christine,

I AM LIVING WITH A MAN who behaves like hell let loose over little stupid things.

He gives me next to nothing for the home but expects to find a plate of food on the table whenever he comes home. Many times, I use my own resources to help out in the house.

He is also a serious drinker. It is so bad that some Monday mornings, he cannot make it to work.

I have told him more than once that I will leave but he does not seem to care. He tells me that whenever I am ready, I am free to go. Do you see any hope in this relationship?

– P.W.

Dear P.W.,

I am not a fortune teller but what I see ahead for you is a life of continued misery if you remain with this man. Why are you still in the house? Honestly, ask yourself if you foresee any change in the future.

Your friend clearly needs help from Alcoholics Anonymous and maybe you can encourage him to pay them a visit.

That apart, he has already told you that you are free to go. Isn’t that an indication that he does not care? Also, are children involved? If they are, they don’t need all the drama that is taking place between you two.

Girl, make that move towards a better life as soon as possible.