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No excuse for PSV recklessness


No excuse for PSV recklessness

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HOW MANY MORE? To whom do I direct such impertinence?

Is it not about time we stop this absurd equivocation for public service vehicle (PSV) drivers “trying to make an honest living”, and regardless of such dangerous lawlessness, embracing them perhaps as a necessary evil in spite of obvious foreboding.

No, they are not all the same, but evidently there is this infernal clan of PSV drivers who give the service a bad name, as they ignore every rule and regulation of the Road Traffic Code, and by systematic extension, they ignore common sense which can be the most dangerous omission at times.

Recklessness equals (1) thought, (2) decision and (3) action, by the individual; so in this case it is ludicrous to adjudge blame to any Authority.

We cannot always feather-bed blatant irresponsibility cushioned as necessity to earn a living; risking innocent lives to earn the extra buck. no! That becomes criminal at this point.

In my gut-wrenching sadness for the young girl’s (Zakiyah) terrible loss of an arm, I was somewhat sickened by the insensitivity of response of the director of QEH Support Services (Weekend Nation, Friday, June 12) who directed her main concern to the loss of financial resources to the QEH because of irresponsible PSV drivers.

She queried: “Do you know how many resources were expended to respond to that?”

In the circumstances, the drain or burden on the hospital’s services and resources were relatively inconsequent to the horror of what took place; not only physical pain and discomfort to a young girl on the brink of womanhood, with dreams and expectations which may now be totally shattered in her young impressionable mind, at the loss of her arm.

I shall wish this young lady all the best for her future, and a speedy and successful recovery, with the determination to overcome her regrettable misfortune.