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Some observations on PSVs and routes


Some observations on PSVs and routes

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WITH All this current talk about public service vehicles (PSVs) the recent accident brings me to make the following observations.

Firstly, we do not have enough policemen to enforce the laws. Does the Licensing Authority have [enough] inspectors dealing with public transport?

I live on the Silver Sands/Airport route and every day I see these vans driving without due care and also disposing of litter as they pass by.

None stop at bus stops. This has become a major problem, but the customers wait anywhere except at bus stops and most expect to be dropped of at whatever gap they choose.

The Transport Board does not have that luxury. If, as reported, there are 100 vans (PSVs) on this route, surely this is not reasonable. How many Transport Board buses are on this route each day?

Each private van or bus driver should take a special test. Police should also be able to fine drivers on the spot, and no driver should be in charge of passengers’ well-being when they have an unreasonable number of traffic convictions.

Don’t get me started on badges, uniforms and loud “music”.