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Sweet success with soap


Sweet success with soap

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WHEN SHERRY-ANN BATTERSHIELD started Tsalach Natural Products seven months ago, it was out of a desire to have some extra cash.

“At first it started off as just something to do to generate extra income then it just took off from there.

“I also wanted to offer natural products that are affordable because usually when you go natural, it is an expensive process from the food to the soap, even to maintain natural hair is expensive. I like the idea that I can offer a quality product but at an affordable price,” she told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY.

Calling the move to have a business a “God move”, Battershield said she was sitting at her desk one day at work when she spoke to God.

“I said ‘God, I’d like to make some more money’ and then I went on YouTube and said ‘you know what, I’d better make soap’.

“So I went and bought all the stuff that you use to make the soap but I couldn’t make the soap and it was just there. A friend told me about a week later that there’s a woman who teaches people how to make soap,” she said.

Tasalch is a Hebrew word which means “to prosper to have great successs” but when the small business woman started this venture, she did not have any money. She has since branched out to making body butters, the idea for which came one day at home.

“My first body butter was banana, which I still do now, the scent is really nice but overpowering.

“I remember I took some to a place that does nails and I told them to sample and a lady who was there sitting asked if I did it in vanilla. I said ‘sure’ but I never did it in vanilla.

“I remember the first time I did it I used vanilla extract but it didn’t come out well and I asked myself why I told the woman I could do it.

“So I called her and told her I need one more day to get it right. I went at it again and she bought three bars.

“I have since branched out into doing scrubs, that was by accident too,” she said.

Battershield stressed that she does not use dyes, fragrances, or anything synthetic, and if she makes peppermint, cucumber and kale, tumeric and cinnamon soaps, that’s exactly what customers get.

“This journey has been surreal in this short space of time. This is all about God.

“At first, when I started I used Pringle [chips] cans as my moulds and that was the original size of the soap.

“Then I moved on to other building supplies . . . In a time where people think that God is not real I can see God all through this.

“I can see Jesus up in this thing. From the exposure to the ideas to make the soap. I didn’t know anything about making soap but the ideas and the recipes just started coming.

“Then people started telling people and that is how I got to BMEX. Somebody remember me and I got some assistance with the packaging, the labels are a lot classier now, I remember printing labels on my printer and cutting them with a scissors. I was so happy with those,” she said.

The money she made after the selling the products was then used to buy more materials to keep the line going.

“My mum, Janette Battershield, turned out to be my biggest supporter. She invested something.

“My first bit of exposure was at the New Dimensions market. That is where Tsalach has come from and I know it is going on to bigger things.

“What I try to offer is a more personalised service and next year I hope to offer this to persons who are interested. I have this thing about pursuing dreams.

“Nothing is wrong with working for some person but you are helping them fulfill their dream and sometimes you let your dreams catch dust trying to help somebody else,” she said.

“This journey has taught me that if you are really desirous and you had the burning [desire] to do something, do it. Two, God is amazing, I thought He was amazing before but He’s more amazing now.

In the next year, I hope to see Tsalach more accessible to persons . . . and I’m hoping to have my own factory so I can make the products on a larger scale,” Battershield added. (Green Bananas Media)