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Roy can get ‘blood from stone’


Roy can get ‘blood from stone’

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GOVERNMENT WORKERS are consistently criticised from every quarter almost every day and sometimes justifiably so.

I am writing because we rarely hear the positive, so I want to highlight the stellar performance of one of the workers at the Blood Collecting Unit of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

I personally do not know of anyone who relishes the thought of giving a blood sample, and because of my condition I have had and will continue to give quite a few, but Roy Hope of that department makes what can otherwise be an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience seemingly pleasant.

Hope is patient, efficient and, most importantly, gentle with the needle. He has an excellent “bedside manner” which makes you feel at ease, and all of these sentiments have been echoed by many others.

I have been told by another staff member that Hope makes it a point to be at work very early and starts to work promptly on his arrival. Suffice to say that when he goes on vacation there is “wailing and gnashing of teeth” from the patients.

Roy Hope gives us a truly NISE experience.