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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Man in blue breaking in

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Man in blue breaking in

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Those fellows who are supposed to serve and protect need to take the complaints of a spurned man seriously.

There is a man with the lowest level of stripes who has been creating a big headache for another man.

Word is that the man has come home at least twice in recent times and found wifey in the arms of another man, to be precise, a man in blue.

These things cause many a man not to be able to sleep or eat and sometimes even lose weight.

The man feels he has been done a grave injustice by the other man who has repeatedly broken the tenth commandment. He has even turned up with the official mode of transport when putting Carlene Davis’ popular song into action.

The heartbroken man complained that he has poured his heart out to the colleagues of the man in blue, some senior, but without getting the “sweet man” to stay away.

With Facebook, Instagram and all the various social media, it may not be so good to see these brazen goings-on posted for the big shots from all over the north to see for themselves.

Money matters

Who will get the nod?

Will it be based on whether you are financially sound to carry your load and even help the greater cause when the silent man decides he will ring the bell?

The question was raised after a man who always places second in the race was told he would have a case once again to run a leg in the relay.

A number of other people who also have shown that they can only settle for a second place, or even lower, may find they do not have the same luck as allies.

Money and access to money for the next 30 months will be important. Back-to-school gifts, Christmas presents and even senior citizens’ rides will all require money.

And a few people may even expect help with a job or two, whether holding turtles on the beach or running them from the cove.

After all, the appeal for help has not brought the rewards like similar appeals from the Salvation Army.

Where there’s smoke . . .

So the sad news of the action for those who can enjoy the sight of the deep blue sea has come to pass. The sad thing about the action highlighted in Cou Cou last week, entitled Carlisle Bay Lookout, was that some dismissed it as foolish gossip.

Now many are lamenting that if you are merely three score and fit, competent and capable, it may be the end of the line for you.

The focus will be on how many politicos three score and more get big picks because of their connections.