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Govt silence on Cahill deafening

Peter Bynoe

Govt silence on Cahill deafening

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At the town hall meeting in mid-2014, convened by representatives of Cahill Energy, there were many concerned Barbadians who had several questions that remain unanswered nearly a year later.

Some of them were asked by Mia Mottley last week in Parliament and they are:

• How much will the electricity produced by Cahill Energy cost?

• Does Cahill Energy have the necessary experience to operate a plasma gasification plant?

• Is the plant the correct size?

• Will we have to import garbage from other countries?

• Will it kill our recycling industry?

• Will it kill composting and the production of wood chips in Barbados?

I was secretly hoping that it was one of the many fictitious promises of the Government that would quietly go away. However, it seems to be going ahead, and what really annoys me is the arrogance of the ministers who conduct business behind closed doors, and do not care in the least what the public thinks, and who continue to only benefit a select group of local companies.

Our democracy is at its lowest point in my lifetime, as our people have no say and they are frustrated and sadly have largely given up, quietly waiting for better times.

How can the Minister of the Environment state that construction is starting in September and to date the environmental impact assessment is not completed? How can the price nearly double within a year? How can we import waste from other countries? Isn’t this at odds with a tourism- dependent economy? 

Perhaps we should change “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” to “Consume as much as you possibly can so that we can burn it”.  Perhaps the Barbados Tourism Marketing Authority can come up with a new slogan: “Barbados – the garbage dump of the Caribbean”.