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Stuck in my position for years

Dear Christine

Stuck in my  position for years

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Dear Christine,

THIS IS six years now that I have worked in the public service sector. For those past six years I have been through hell, while trusting God to see me through.

I am not confirmed in my post and it does not appear as though Government believes that general workers should be confirmed.

In fact, I honestly want to know why Government treats some of its employees as badly as it does. Why is it that someone must wait five, ten, 15 and more years before they become a permanent employee in Government? Why is it that we have to wait so long before we are paid? Is it that Government does not care whether we eat, have a roof over our heads or can take care of our children?

As one of those many individuals who are yet to be confirmed in their posts, I have difficulty paying my rent on time and feeding my household. Sometimes I cry when I think of the things I go through. It is extremely hard. Some days there is nothing in the house to eat and I have to depend on the mercy of my relatives.

Christine, please, I am pleading to the Government through this column for there to be a change in this practice. It is downright wicked. Do you think any Government minister, permanent secretary or any of the other “bigwigs” would like to have their salaries withheld for as long as three months?

One of my friends who is not appointed has had to go back home to her parents because her rent was overdue by three months. For three months she did not receive a salary. These things are not right, but God don’t like ugly and He does not sleep. Something needs to be done, and done soon. 

It is bad enough that one is not confirmed in a post but when the salary is not paid for up to three months, it’s a burden. Why must some of us suffer like this?

– E.H.

Dear E.H.,

This is not the first time I’ve received a letter like this one, but even now I am hesitant to call the necessary Government department to ask about your situation. I can see the date on your letter and I am hoping that by now things would have improved. However, if this is a regular occurrence, your letter speaks for itself.

I too believe that Government should consider the plight of individuals such as you. It is not right to live month after month without consistently receiving your salary on time – even given the financial constraints of Government. You may also be 100 per cent right in saying that top Government officials never have to worry about their salaries being paid.

Let’s hope that your concern as well as the concerns of those whose monies are being withheld for any reason, engage the attention of the powers that be. I agree; it’s simply not right or fair.