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DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant and not sure who’s the father

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant and not sure who’s the father

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Dear Christine,

I HAVE a real problem and I need your advice badly.

I am a 21-year-old woman who recently came out of a relationship.

In fact, I finished with my first boyfriend, whom I shall call X, and soon after started dating a young man whom I met. I will refer to him as M.

X called me one night and told me he wanted to talk and that he missed me a great deal. He also told me that he was gravely ill with cancer. I really felt sorry for him, and before long we became sexually involved.

M and I also started to get involved around the same time. I soon discovered that X was not telling the truth, and made it clear to him that what happened between us will never happen again.

It never did, but I have now discovered that I am pregnant. Christine, I have no idea who is the father of my child – whether it is X or M.

What should I do? Should I have an abortion?

– S.M.

Dear S.M.,

You will need to get some tests done immediately to determine who is the father.

This can be costly but you need to speak to your doctor also. He or she would be able to guide you accordingly.

I am not sure how you will handle this but you’ve got to be honest and let both men know that you are pregnant, since their cooperation would be a necessary factor.

I believe in being truthful, no matter what the consequences. You were obviously tricked into having intercourse with X, after he took you on a guilt trip. Perhaps he wanted to get back at you for leaving him. I recommend that you speak to M – the one you’re currently seeing – and let him know the mistake you made.

I do not see an abortion as the solution; you could regret it later and live with much guilt.