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Principal: Don’t give up on children


Principal: Don’t give up on children

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PARENTS HAVE been told never to give up on their children despite their behaviour or academic qualifications.

Principal of the Government Industrial School, Erwin Leacock, said there was no justification for anyone to give up on an 11-year-old child.

“We are giving up on our children. We have instances where children have been expelled in the first year of the first term which says that somebody has given up,” he said.

Speaking at the Half Moon Fort Primary graduation ceremony today entitled Giving Up is Not An Option, he said some children had serious behavioural issues which should be addressed collectively by society.

“Parents can’t do it alone, teachers can’t do it alone, it takes a collective responsibility. We have to accept the world is changing and it is going to take more than one dimension. One of the things I have been stressing is a team approach for these troubled children,” he said.

Leacock told the parents to prepare themselves because the journey was not going to get an easier but told them giving up was not an option available to them. (CA)