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Water from skies, not taps, in north

Ricardo Leacock

Water from skies, not taps, in north

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IT WAS WATER, water everywhere for parts of St Peter and St Lucy – everywhere but from the taps.

Heavy morning rainfall was in stark contrast to the trickle coming from faucets in areas such as Boscobel, The Risk, Collins, Mount Brevitor and Date Tree Hill in St Peter, and Pie Corner, Josey Hill and Durnham, St Lucy.

Some residents said they had been suffering for as long as five days with intermittent outages and rushed gladly to the dispatched Barbados Water Authority (BWA) tankers to fill up.

BWA worker Lisa Trotman, who was in Baltic, St Peter, told the DAILY NATION they were experiencing problems with the reservoir servicing the area.

“We’ve been out since morning. In the higher areas, more people come out as the water takes longer to get to the top,” she said.

In a Press release, the BWA said the problem was due to low reservoir levels at its Half Acre, Lamberts and Boscobel systems. (RL)