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EDITORIAL: Fathers, keep pressing on

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EDITORIAL: Fathers, keep pressing on

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WE ENDORSE THE WORDS of Reverend Adrian Smith who encouraged men to put their families first.

What we however don’t agree with, nor do we subscribe to, is the further comment made by the Moravian minister, who was preaching at Calvary Moravian Church during a Father’s Day service, that the purchase of sex toys and lesbian relationships were growing signs of women not needing men.

Over the decades, women have been encouraged to be more independent and society has witnessed an increasing number of them becoming the main breadwinners in the home.

In addition today, many women are running and heading their households, while holding down key positions in jobs across various sectors. To add to the pressures, some are also raising children almost single-handedly.

Given the construct of single parent homes, a reality which is very much today’s norm, many women have also sought to better educate themselves to be in a better financial position to take care of their children.

However, despite all the advances women have made in their personal and professional lives, it is still important to recognize the contribution and role men have to play.

In no way should men feel or be marginalised, nor sidelined, because of advances made by women over the years. Instead, men and women should be complementing each other – especially in the home. For sure, in the lives of impressionable young children, fathers and mothers have important roles to play. One cannot be cancelled out for the other.

That said, there are cases where there is no father around and as such the woman has to step up and play the part of both parents. But this is out of necessity.

Wherever possible, men must show up and be present in the lives of their families and their children. They also cannot feel intimidated by the strides women have made and, must see this as a positive that could only redound to the benefit of their lives and that of their children.

The point must be made that same-sex relationships have more to do with a lifestyle preference and sexual orientation than it is a reflection of having no use for men. Similarly, the purchase of sex toys does not suggest such. Instead, such purchases or fetishes simply show a penchant for something different.

As suggested by the goodly reverend, men cannot be dismissed as unimportant. We underscore the words of Reverend Smith to men that they must fight through their “brokenness”.

Father’s Day was celebrated last Sunday, but every day, men must continue to be the best they can be – the best fathers to their children, the best husbands to their wives and the very best men that God intentioned them to be.