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‘Make fare boxes a must’ for all PSVs

ANTOINETTE CONNELL, [email protected]

‘Make fare boxes a must’ for all PSVs

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A ROAD SAFETY consultant believes that all PSV conductors should be replaced with fare boxes and that owners’ permits be suspended after a tally of bad traffic offences.

Sharmane Roland Bowen, president of the Barbados Road Safety Association and Director of Safe Roads Barbados (SRB) traffic safety school, said that for decades PSV workers had shown utter disrespect for road rules and road users.

“Not only do [some] drivers endanger the lives of their passengers but also the lives of other innocent law abiding road users they come into contact with daily. Armed with a dangerous weapon they run free on our roads ready to injure, disfigure or kill, with little or no control,” she said, adding that they were aided by the conductors.

Passengers, she said, deserved the right to travel safely but instead some employees and owners seem not to have any regard for the value of life. (AC)

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Sun, or in the eNATION edition.