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‘Keep believing and keep moving’

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

‘Keep believing and keep moving’

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KEEP MOVING. That was the advice from featured speaker Angela Gilkes to both the graduating class of the Erdiston Special School and their parents last Thursday.

Gilkes, a trained special needs teacher and mother of a special needs adult, encouraged students never to give up when challenges came their way.

“From very early on in our lives we were being taught that life is not always a bed of roses. We were taught that there are times when the going gets tough. But more importantly, we are also taught that we do not give up.

“We do not sit and wallow in self-pity. We do not tell ourselves that we can’t. We do not believe others when they tell us we can’t,” Gilkes said, adding that they needed to believe a lot of the old sayings about staying the course.

Similar advice was given to parents who brought up their children in a sheltered environment and were fearful of what the future held.

“I am begging you not to plant those fears in their minds. Children see the world as conquerable. Give them a chance to chip away at it. Empower and motivate them . . . . Just keep moving with them,” Gilkes urged.

Principal Cheryl Forde sent off her students with the reminder that they were ambassadors for the school and encouraged them to continue to do great things. She told them to equip themselves with positive attitudes, good manners, obedience, respect and determination to help them along the way.

The 12 graduates will be taking up places at St George Secondary, the Derrick Smith School and Vocational Centre, and the Ann Hill School in September. (YB)

Principal Cheryl Forde presenting the Spirit Of Erdiston Special School Award to Davio Harding.