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DEAR CHRISTINE: We should seek to please God not the world

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DEAR CHRISTINE: We should seek to please God not the world

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Dear Christine,

I AM WRITING not because I have a relationship problem but because I feel compelled to write this letter even though it may not be accepted by all. Still, I hope you’ll carry it in your column – without prejudice.

I am a Christian in my 40s, who would like to encourage other children of God not to compromise on their Christian values and beliefs.

Too many times, we as Christians seek to please the world, instead of pleasing God. I want to tell the entire world that Jesus is still The Christ. He is still the Son of God and He is love. There is no one more deserving of our love.

Sometimes we put our wives and husbands, our friends and family before Jesus, but the Word of God says that if we deny Jesus here on earth, He will deny us before the Father. The Word of God says we are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We have to shine in a dark and ungodly world, so that Jesus would be glorified.

Praise Jesus

We are not to be happy just being Christian-minded, and seek to yoke ourselves in any way with those who are simply Christian-minded.

We are to stand up for what we believe and let the world know that the very Jesus whom they deny is the same Jesus whom we serve – all to the honour and glory of God.

We are not to be ashamed of serving God, nor should we hide our Christianity from others. We are to uphold truth and righteousness within a crooked and perverse world where any and everything goes.

I want my brothers and sisters in Christ to know that greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world; that we are to stand up for what is right and wholesome, and hold the banner of God high.

I want them to know that they are to speak out against the works of darkness and social ills of the society – not to look to their left or to their right, not to care what the world says, but to call sin sin, thus calling it by its rightful name.

Tell the world that homosexuality is wrong; stealing is wrong; back-biting and gossip are wrong; fornication is wrong; and that those who think otherwise are being deceived. I want my brothers and sisters in Christ to know that they must allow God to deal with their hearts because God does not look at the outward appearance, but at the heart. I want them to ask God to forgive them for their compromising ways, and to truly live lives of true believers in Jesus Christ.

Turn to Christ

God demands righteousness and holiness, without which no man can see God. I want to let the world know that if we but turn to Jesus Christ and accept His salvation, many of the world’s social ills would be destroyed through the blood of Jesus.

Soldiers of Christ, arise, and start to conquer this nation for Jesus Christ. We are well able to do so. Stand tall for Jesus and share Him with those who don’t know Him.

Not Willing to Conform


Dear Not Willing To Conform,

I commend you for taking a stand for what you believe. Your advice is strong and to the point and it is obvious to me that you wrote with conviction.

You mentioned that you hope the letter would appear and it has. While Dear Christine is predominantly a column which deals with relationship issues, it also offers advice on a wide variety of issues.

I encourage you to keep the faith.