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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Lennox Cumberbatch

SHAWN CUMBERBATCH, [email protected]

10-MINUTE MANAGER: Lennox Cumberbatch

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ARE YOU WHERE you’ve always wanted to be?

In most aspects of my life I am. Career-wise if you had asked me where I wanted to be at my current age, the most likely answer would have been further than now. However, now with a family, my perspective has changed a bit and I am happy where I am.

What is your biggest professional challenge?

Keeping up to date with the continuously changing standards in the world of accounting and financial reporting. Specifically, with standards that do not apply to my current role.

What is your biggest life challenge?

Keeping in touch with and finding time for all the people I love. I try to keep in touch with my close friends who are scattered all over the world but it’s difficult to do. Social media has made it a little easier.

When you look to the future what do you see?

A proud dad because my son has done something phenomenal.

What is your favourite pastime?

Working out and spending time with my family.

What is your favourite meal?

Since moving away from Barbados I have gained an appreciation for food from different cultures. So it constantly changes. Currently I would say sushi. However, my all time favourite is a nice cou-cou and steamed fish.

On Saturday nights where are you likely to be?

At home with my family. What a difference compared to ten years ago.

What upsets you the most?

Professionally, resistance to change. Personally, judgemental people.

What is your guiding philosophy?

Plan for tomorrow but live today.

If you had the chance to manage Barbados for a day, what would you do?

Explore reasonable and feasible options to reinstate university tuition funding for Barbadian students.

Lennox Cumberbatch is controller at Bermuda College.