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Men get HIV/AIDS education


Men get HIV/AIDS education

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MEN’S LIKELIHOOD TO engage in risky behaviour both socially and sexually has prompted the hosting of a seminar about HIV for older men.

Director of the HIV/AIDS Commission Jacqueline Wiltshire-Gay said “these traits hardly change as men get older”.

She was speaking to participants who included members of some men’s groups and several churches.  The seminar was prompted by the National Strategic Plan for 2014-2018 which identified men as the first key population for attention.

The situation Wiltshire-Gay said was further compounded by stigma and discrimination which she said was one of the reasons why men living with HIV may not disclose to their partners. 

“People do not disclose to their families, their partners, their doctors and so that is one of the reasons why sometimes the disease tends to go underground,” she said. (LK)