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AWRIGHT DEN: It starts with one

COREY WORRELL, [email protected]

AWRIGHT DEN: It starts with one

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I GREET YOU from 38 000 feet above the Celtic Sea on route to London, then to the continent of Africa. Last week I shared with you that I left Barbados on Tuesday, June 23, for Minnesota not having the money sorted out for the business conference I was attending. I also shared that a few hours before I left, I received a cheque for $2 000. Everything for the trip was placed on my credit card, as I believed that since God had spoken to me and sent me, He would honour my faith and provide for me.

Last Thursday, I had $2 500 in cash, which would be used to pay my credit card expenses for the trip, but the problem was, I had to wait on my statement from Scotia to see what the total expenses were and if I had enough to cover them. On Saturday morning my credit card transactions for the trip were released online by Scotia and the total expenses on the credit card came to $2 440.24. In essence, all – let me repeat all – my expenses were covered, every single cent. If God did it for me, He can do it for you as well. Know His will for you, be obedient and allow us the privilege to be encouraged by your amazing testimonies and walks of faith.

It all starts with ONE; one step, one decision, one word, one string, one testimony, one dollar, one idea, one signature, one hour, one phone call, one meeting, one vote, one strike, ONE . . . .

On Saturday I was up around 4 a.m. praying and worshipping and as tears flowed from my eyes, God said to me, ‘Four out of five of the steps are completed, why worry about Step 5?’ At that point I realised the hardest steps were completed. Step 1 – visa acquired; Step 2 – vaccinations acquired; Step 3 – accommodation in Africa sorted; Step 4 – accommodation in other country sorted.

Could you imagine the outcome if I had waited on Step 5 (money for airline tickets) to get worked out before stepping out by faith and completing Steps 1-4? Many times we spend so much time and energy studying and worrying about the next step that we don’t realise or appreciate all the steps completed already. Don’t be dismayed, discouraged or depressed, you are further today than you were yesterday and that’s progress.

Yes, I am on a flight to Africa but only a quarter of Step 5 is sorted and there are other things still to be done, yet I have left Barbados. If you try to figure it all out, and intellectualise and rationalise what God has laid on your heart to do, you would never take the first step or sign that document, or purchase that house, or dig the foundation, or leave your job, or end that relationship, or migrate or help that person or take that trip, or move back in or close the business. God will ask you to do what is greater than you and many times it doesn’t make human sense and as a result, all you can do is depend on Him.

I choose to be a DEEPender. I choose to go deep in God and depend on Him than to be safe in the shallow waters and do it myself. What we fail to realise is that miracles are just an end product of faith, which is activated by a deliberate and intentional action. One of these days I will share with you the time I went to the airport without a ticket to go to Germany.

When you look at a beautiful rug or carpet, you would never believe it started with one string. The string by itself doesn’t make you go WOW, but when a master designer, who sees the end product even before he starts to work, uses thousands and thousands of strings, a valuable and unique product is created. Each created product has a potential buyer and, as a result, will have a unique purpose and destination. See those strings as your experiences; the master designer as God and the carpet as your life, which has a unique purpose and destination.

Again I ask: Where you are right now? Is that the will of God for your life? Is God, through you, fulfilling His purpose in the earth?

Corey Worrell, a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, is director of C2J Foundation Inc., a project-based NGO focusing on social development. Email: [email protected]

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