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DEAR CHRISTINE: Need help for grandson’s ADHD

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Need help for grandson’s ADHD

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Dear Christine,

YOU DO A GOOD JOB helping people with their problems; please keep up the good work.

My problem is not one of the usual problems you often deal with. It is of a different nature altogether.

I have a grandson who has been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) since he was about six years old. We undertook the cost of having him evaluated when his reception teacher realised he was not settling down as he should.

After being diagnosed he was put on medication, but the after-effects of the medication were so severe that we had to take him off. We were paying for him to have therapy once a week but this proved very expensive and we had to stop.

Christine, since then we have been coming upon all sorts of roadblocks in our bid to get help for this child. It seems as though no one is willing to help unless he is on medication. His teachers at school say he is intelligent but because he would not sit and stay focused, his grades tend to fluctuate. That is not my greatest worry at this time.

What is of a greater concern is that because of the ADHD, we have been battling with his bad temper and a rage I have never before seen in a child.

He is now ten years old and from time to time has had anger management classes. These have proven to be costly. When we took him to the Children’s Development Centre, officials there said there was nothing more they could do for him.

During my research of ADHD, I read that if left untreated, children often ended up in the penal system because they are usually misunderstood. I have also read that persons do not have to be on medication to be helped.

Christine, I need help for this child who is otherwise intelligent and very loving. He tries so hard but feels like he is losing the battle. He says things like “this world is unfair” and “why did I have to be born like this?”.

If any of your readers knows how to help him, please let me know. I do not want him to become a statistic in Dodds. I still feel he can be helped.

I am leaving my name and contact numbers with you so if anyone responds I can be contacted. I don’t know where else to turn and his mother has become frustrated trying to find someone to help him.

She and I appreciate any help we can get.

Thank You.


– MH

Dear MH,

I can see that you are trying your best to do whatever you can to help your grandson. I commend you for your hard work, labour of love, sacrifices and concern.

I am now doing my part to help you by placing your letter in this column.

Like you, I certainly hope that an individual or an organisation will come to your assistance. I will forward to you the names of anyone who responds.



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