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Name of detective school could be misleading


Name of detective school could be misleading

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IN THE SUNDAY SUN of July 19, secondary to the primary subject of the article, my thoughts lingered on the proposed naming of a building within the Police Training School, which would be called “The Three Ws Detective School”, and I wondered about the confusing duality with the already deeply established, historical monogram of the Three Ws mof cricket fame.

I ponder the innocent but troublesome duplicity.

Our three exceptionally admired and respected lawmen, now departed, have epitomised the most desired qualities of their very demanding but chosen disciplines; and are of no lesser importance for memorialisation than our three brilliant cricketers. But I am just wondering how inadvertently misleading will this new proposed naming be for those who come a-looking for remnants of history of the Three Ws: Walcott, Weekes and Worrell.

If these were commercial entities, there sure would be trouble. Yes?


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