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Kiddies band houses busy


Kiddies band houses busy

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IT WAS A busy day at band houses yesterday as they were putting the finishing touches to costumes for today’s Kiddies Kadooment.

Shannon Carter of Bajan Treasures said that they were on time and that the majority of the costumes had been collected, so they were completing a few minor things.

“Amidst the challenges, we were able to pull through and be on time. This year we were not able to secure any sponsors but got through on our own,” Carter said.

To raise funds they sold snow cones to students.

Most of the band houses complained of the VAT charges but they did not let it stop them from achieving their goal.

“We are pleased with the results despite the VAT issue that is causing a little problem and even though we had no sponsorship we were greatly helped by the staff,” said Roseann Lewis at TripleForce Band.

Kiddies Kadooment will be held at the National Stadium this morning starting at 9 o’clock. (AM)