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TALKBACK: Bajans for inter-island ferry travel

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Bajans for inter-island ferry travel

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THE HEARTS OF online readers returned to normal in the wake of last Thursdays Kick ’em Jenny volcano scare and they turned their attention to the idea of inter-island ferry travel.

New York-based Barbadian businessman Randy Conner is on the island working out the logistics of operating three ferries which would travel to St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad, Grenada and Dominica.

He said fares would be much cheaper than air travel, and while the ferries are designed to carry passengers, provision will be made for cargo.

Online readers welcomed the news, but remained sceptical, since this idea threatens air travel and governments’ interest there.

Philip Matthews: It would be good to have one to go to and from Bridgetown to Oistins and Speightstown.

Irwin Walker: I am excited about this. However, I hope that he factors in the trade barriers such as Caribbean governments protecting their interest in the regional carrier LIAT. A ferry will threaten the cargo revenue of such regional airlines.

Valerie Hoyte: I don’t see it as that. We are democratic I hope and it’s a capitalist society. Everyone has to make money. If LIAT sales fall, their CEO/CFO will need to [bring] strategies [on] how to give the public what they need.

Jack O’Neal: I think ferries would have been here ever since but the bigwigs who issue licences are the problems.

Duane Arthur: I hope it gets full licensing. Please let it travel to St Vincent. We need other options for regional travel.

Kerry Blades: It’s about time; this is long overdue.

Lilian Lloyd: Will the money hounds of politicians allow that? Imagine a fare to St Lucia $600 and more, then you are allowed one piece of luggage or you pay for extra. Let’s see if the hounds will give him a licence.

Ruth Elizabeth: Let’s see if CSME will definitely go into effect without the immigration restrictions. Great idea. Hope and pray it’s approved and licensed by authorities.

Tara Markus: This idea has been floated around for a while. Will it actually set sail?

JoJo Clarke: Fingers, legs and toes crossed. That would be fantastic.

Angela Maria: I hope his plans see fruition.

Max Bernard Haynes: It is about time.

John Fayne-Cleaver: Wish you all the possible success.

Charmaine Gittens Medford: Wonderful!

Shadia Forde: That’s splendid!

Carolyn Robertson: Too much red tape; good luck.

Charmz Jules: That’s gonna be really good; it’s about time that someone gets to act on their word. Wish you blessings and guidance and don’t forget to have St Lucia as your first stop.