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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Two hoping for big pick


FLYING FISH & COU COU: Two hoping for big pick

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IT’S CROP OVER weekend and the mindset for most people is about party and fete, discussion of the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals and even where to pick a lime and watch the Kadooment Day parade on Monday.

However, for some politicians and political aspirants, there is a sense of urgency surrounding everything they do. At least two of them are anxious for this year’s Crop Over festival to be over and done.

A man who puts his faith in The Maker more than man on this occasion is pushing for not only man but a woman to make a decision.

He is a regular in Hindsbury Road, Bank Hall, and even on President Kennedy Drive, but is hoping that the people in Roebuck Street invite him over soon to give him some good news.

This man, who lives to quote the word according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, feels that age does not matter, neither does any length of absence since he feels that the man who kicked him twice is now like an unwanted duck. They just want him out of their yard.

And there is a lady who  says she can do even better than the Energizer Bunny a.k.a. the New Year Baby, and one of the most popular captains in the silent man’s army.

This lady, husband and all in tow, feels that once is not good enough. She wants the chance to prove that she can oust this plain-speaking captain. So, she too is hoping that before the end of this month the woman in white will give her the nod of approval.

The big concern for both the man who sees himself as an anointed one and the woman who speaks fondly on small and even medium-sized business is that they must not have shallow pockets, as the demands are going to be many from people who will be looking for an immediate return on any investment.

Anxiety over awards

The political class does really make you laugh. This week at a popular watering hole the discussion was who should get what citation before the start of Christmas celebrations.

As usual, a number of big awards are to be given out for members of the family and then to a few friends.

One learned man said that it was important that all the people in the family be taken care of and pointed to the loyalists from the era of 1976, noting that almost all have been held up; only the Dipper’s namesake and the “ostrich man” being forgotten.

But another man in the bar said it should not be so and he felt that the girl from Up and On fame, who long time ago lost her vision, should be elevated, since all others in whose seat she now sits have been so honoured. Some say she may be young, but unlike the fellow from Horatio House, she is steady and very capable.

So it will all come down to what the silent man and his closest people decide; taking the young lady to St Andrew or giving it to the high priest of the church of Barbados who also commands all things spiritual across the province called the West Indies.

Some people near St Catherine’s  have also been shouting out so very loud  that the man who has painted everything red for so many years should  get his designation this year. It has been such a loud  shout-out that people living as far as Cole’s in the same parish can hear even if they don’t shout back.

Question mark

Who will it be?

That’s the question many people on top of the hill have been asking.

The time for the Lancelot of Kew to say farewell has come and the focus now is on who will sit in the No. 2 position. Some are saying that the choice is down to two people and it is only for the stylish lady to make a final choice.

The qualities are that the individual must not be too old, as the boss does not want people of the same age range who would demit office around the same time; apparently she is heavy on succession planning and wants to give the chosen one a chance to develop.

Internally, some are saying look to the legal side of things or from the people who like to talk about STEM from where the No. 2 person should emerge.