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AL GILKES: Silence of modern-day Moses deafening

Al Gilkes, [email protected]

AL GILKES: Silence of modern-day Moses deafening

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IT’S KADOOMENT WEEKEND and tomorrow climaxes several weeks of party animals jumping all about the place.

In that mood, I want to jump into a certain man of the cloth who seems to own his own private burning bush, probably inherited from Moses, which allows him to talk one-on-one with God.

So, and I am using my imagination here, after Barbados got rocked by that frightening earth tremor the other day, this man apparently took off his shoes, stood before his burning bush and talked to God, presumably because he, like the rest of us, was afraid of the possible widespread destruction that could befall this little rock on which we live if, in the wake of that shake, there is a real earthquake.

I am still imagining and I suppose he was fervently begging God to spare him, his family, his congregation and the rest of Barbados from any such possible disaster, even reminding Him that this island is reputed to be His home away from heaven, hence the absence of any serious hurricanes since Janet in 1955 that mashed up every parish except St Lucy which, up to that time, was still held to be behind His back.

So how did God respond to this man of the cloth? I was not there so I still have to mix imagination with what the Nation reported about his conversation with the Great I Am, who seemed to have told him words to this effect: “Go and tell the people not to be afraid when the ground shall tremble and shake like a thousand thunders.

“For even if the buildings shall come tumbling down and the earth shall part, as did the Red Sea in the time of Moses, this shall be but a sign of the great wonders that I am about to work for the economic recovery and salvation of Barbados.”

At that point, I imagine the now very doubtful man of the cloth asking God fearfully how could such potential devastation be for the good of the country.

And it would seem that God consoled him with words like, “Fear not, but go and tell the nation that the ground on which they all stand is oily ground. So when the earth shall shake and tremble, and even if the buildings shall come tumbling down, it shall all be for the divine purpose of creating fissures in the stone through which a sea of oil stored beneath can come rushing to the surface. Then after those days, Barbados shall become the sand, sea and oil Saudi Arabia of the Caribbean.”

Following the publication of his revelation, this man of the cloth became the butt of widespread derision, criticism, condemnation and laughter across both the mainstream and the social media.

Despite that, when within days of the tremor the entire island went into panic mode at the news that Jenny was about to kick up a possible tsunami that potentially could end life as we know it for a very, very long time, I expected to hear this same man of the cloth reporting on another talk with God and about being given news of even greater things in store for a post-tsunami Barbados.

Unfortunately, his silence was and still is deafening.

So, I went back to my imagination and beheld him having another conversation with the Almighty, who, in response to what he should report about what good things a tsunami would bring for Barbadians, told him to tell them it would wash all their sins away.

Until whatever happens or doesn’t happen, enjoy your Kadooment and stop letting people talk to God for you. Do it yourself.

Al Gilkes heads a public relations firm. Email [email protected]