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Crop Over make-up 101

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Crop Over make-up 101

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WHILE SOME DESIGNERS are busy sketching their costumes months before Crop Over, some women are busy booking their make-up. With your soca body in “wuk-up” shape and your costume purchased for “chippin’ down di road”, all that is left to seal the deal for the road march is some dazzlingly artistic carnival make-up.

Tomorrow is the big jump-up day and make-up spots vanish weeks in advance so sometimes  your make-up is in your own hands.

For those soca divas out there seeking to doll up their faces for the main event, we got you covered with all the glitz, feathers and sparkles. We have enlisted the expertise of make-up artist Renee Ifill of Next2Natural to assist in achieving their ideal looks, giving a few pointers to consider for keeping the daytime carnival make-up alive and popping:

A good base is key so an oil control primer will keep you shine free longer on the road.  

Your foundation is really a matter of your preference. With flawless skin it is easy to go without heavy foundation and indeed some ladies do forgo foundation altogether, preferring to enhance their looks with gems and bright shadows. If you prefer to wear a foundation, choose one which provides coverage and SPF protection without having to add heavy layers, which are prone to creasing in the heat and humidity. 

Set your foundation well with a loose powder and apply with a puff in a patting motion to ensure it is evenly applied and adequately sets your foundation.  

Getting bright colourful eyes with the shadows you may already have at home can be as easy as applying a white cream base, like a white eye pencil first, then applying your colours in a patting motion.

Applying metallic shadow with a slightly damp brush can bring life to your shadows.

Waterproof liner and mascara are a must if you are to enjoy the road, whether in the sun or rain. Using an angled brush gives you the precise lines which will add the finishing touch to your eye look.

Eyelashes are a great way to add that extra flair. Using adhesives from Duo, Revlon or Eve Pearl, you can add lashes that last,so keep a tweezer handy for easy application.

Matte lips are a huge trend and last for hours. Using a liquid lipstick will give you bright, long-wearing lipstick. Choose wisely as some brands crease and crack under the pressure of constant sipping.

If you are a glossy girl, walk with a shimmery gloss.

Whether just five or 50,  rhinestones can make your look glam with little effort, so get your flat edge tweezer handy, eyelash glue or spirit gum. Use an eye pencil to dot your design or apply your rhinestones in any random design.

With all this attention to details, maintaining on the road is a must. And to make it easy to look flawless and camera-ready all day, one, use a fixing spray to seal the look; two, walk with blotting sheets for oil and thick absorbent tissue that doesn’t fall apart for moisture; and three, carry your fave colour to rejuvenate your lips.

Photography by: Morgan Media

Make-up by: Renee Ifill of N2N

Special thanks to model Noelle Farnum wearing Ad Panem District 8 frontline designed by Lauren Austin of Zulu International band.