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Hear this prayer, Lord, and help us

Patricia Bowen

Hear this prayer, Lord, and help us

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Dear Lord,

WE PAUSE to acknowledge You as the one and only true living Go”. We are thankful for the joy and delight You found in us, Your people over the years. You sheltered us from many dangers and blessed our country with stability. You delighted to steer us in the right direction.

We can boast of an honourable democratic system, free education, great health care and a fine judiciary system. Lord, You love us and treat us like we are the apple of Your eyes. Our foreparents taught us to love, fear, respect and trust You. You took first place in their lives and, boy, did they pray and praise You. They sang Your praises in the good times and bad times, when work was tough and money was small. Most of us still remember those days and hold on dearly to them.

Alas! Lord, this island is changing and the protective hedge You placed around it is slowly being eroded by what we are now calling right, which is really wrong, and wrong, which has now become right. We are now a generation seeking to legalise marijuana, prostitution, homosexuality and strip clubs, and we are asking for more casinos.

Sadly, Lord, the reasons being put forward are:

1. The income generated will help the economy with badly needed funds.

2. That our country needs to get on board with other countries that are ahead of us or be left behind.

We know your word says:

You changeth not.

You shall supply all our needs according to Your riches in glory. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Righteousness exalts a nation but these powerful statements don’t seem to resonate with your people as they should.

Lord, times are changing. Morals are declining in this nation. Though there are churches at almost every street corner, Bibles in most homes, and the gospel available through forms of technology and literature, we don’t fear You as we ought to, which is the beginning of wisdom.

Father, with your mercy still extended to us, hear our humble prayer and forgive us. Hear this prayer and help us. Wake up your sleeping soldiers to active duty of prayer and fasting. Call out your watchmen on the wall. Quicken your shepherds to feed the flock so that your wrath would not fall upon us.

Remember, Lord, Your beautiful vessels with the gifts and talents you placed within us. Oh what a joy! Oh how lovingly You worked on each masterpiece! But some of Your children don’t know or care that You see them as special.

Alas, Lord, most are lying idle; some unused, rusty; some filled to the brim with filth; while others have been auctioned to the highest bidder; some are buried in mire; and most don’t see the beauty but for the pain.

Cause Your streams of living waters to flow through this land. Let us sing a new song unto You as we examine our hearts and take note of the God we are serving. We have a chance to make a difference with Your help. Wash us whiter than snow, Lord. Renew our minds and create the right spirit within us. We love You, Lord. Amen.

– Patricia Bowen